This sweet little family booked their session with one goal in mind- epic sunset family photos. And man, did Mother Nature deliver or what!?!

Driving out I was nervous when I hit the bridge and saw the tale tell signs of dark clouds and a misty sky right where we were headed.

But the storm held out and once the sun got below the clouds, BOOM! Explosion of color!

Besides an epic back drop we also had the fun added element of this being sweet Olivia’s first trip to the beach since she was a baby!

We took our time working down to the water letting the girls get comfortable with me and my camera, I like to call on my years in the classroom during this time and usually spend more time talking to the littles than I do the adults. 

It’s nothing personal! 

But I know THEY need to trust me in order to get the most out of our time together. After all, the adults have already chatted and done introductions but now there’s a lady with this weird device asking them to do something!

So I get down on their level, have conversations with the littles about their favorite foods or books and tell them how our session will work so they know what to expect. That usually helps melt the ice and by the end of our session we’re best buddies. 

At some point the nervous laughter turned into squeals of enjoyment as she splashed through the waves and followed after Sister and I was there to capture it all. 

In a more Lifestyle approach we spend more time doing life and creating moments, and less time focused on the portrait poses where everyone is looking at the camera. We want each image to be full of life and movement! Allowing the girls to explore and play allowed for sweet Sister Moments full of connection and love.

The Sharp Family got to play airplane, splash in the water, collect shells, walk the beach, soak in the sunset and run away as Mom + Dad got mushy! Our session was filled with laughter, love and sweet little moments, which is the ultimate goal at every session!

Sunset sessions have my heart, and this is the PERFECT example of why, the dreamiest backdrop for this sweet family session. 😍

Melissa and Robert y’all were a dream to work with and I can’t wait to capture your future chapters as Savannah and Olivia grow! 💙

Pro Tip for Your Session

As the sun goes down and the beach clears out the road can get pretty congested and the last thing you want is to be stuck in the car with hangry passengers!

(The promise of delicious snacks in the car also help give littles (and sometimes husbands😉) the extra energy boost they need to wrap up a session with big smiles.