Finding the perfect location offers a variety of back drops and feels is always great way to keep active kiddos interested in the session, my favorite locations have interesting paths, cool trees to point out and in the warm months water to splash in!

To help littles get warmed up and make sure we get those “grandma shots” we start with some light posing with everyone looking at the camera, then as the littles start to get restless and need to move we’ll do some more lifestyle shots with the kiddos looking for rocks, bugs or flowers, wondering around, jumping, twirling, laughing, talking- basically doing all those things that you see everyday in this chapter of your story but all too quickly will fade from your memory as they begin to grow and change.

Thank you for including me in such a fun hot and muggy day exploring! 💙

Pro Tip for Your Session

As we near the end of our session the tiniest humans often get hangry! Whether the promise of something delicious helps them power through or even giving them a chance to enjoy said snack while I grab shots of Mom and Dad. You’re never gonna hear a complaint from me! I only ask we avoid red drinks and blue suckers when they return with renewed energy we don’t want stained faces or clothes with them!