I had the pleasure of meeting this family through a local homeschooling group and they were the first family I got to take pictures of in our new home! It was such a special treat to run through the fields and take pictures while we talked about the fun summer things to do here in Northeast Ohio and all the different ways this community celebrates during the fall!

Depending on if your kiddo is rearing to go or being a little shy determines if we start with some walking and talking or jump right in to those “grandma shots” where everyone is looking at the camera and a shy little gets to spend some more time snuggled up while they size up the lady with purple hair and a big camera in their face! Luckily D had met me at the Montessori MicroSchool her Mama owns, operates and teaches in so she was plenty comfy jumping right in to cheesing it up for me!

We got a variety of awesome shots snuggled up, playing in the flowers, being silly and just loving life- so many that Mama has told me more than once she just can’t choose and there’s not enough space in her house to display all the once she loves!

Thanks for being such as awesome welcoming committee to Ohio! 💙

Pro Tip for Your Session

If your Littles are extra shy around strangers and you feel like this will make them uncomfortable in the beginning of their session, talk to them about Miss Brittney and how she’ll be using her special camera to take pictures of them and your whole family instead of whomever the regular one snapping phone pictures in your house is! You can even talk about my sunflower camera strap or my bright colored hair (which is usually pink or purple). The questionnaire you fill out telling me a little about them helps them feel extra connected! I’ve got two boys at home myself so I am well versed in Wild Kratts, PAW Patrol, Spidey, PJ Masks and Blaze!