Celebrating that 2nd Birthday

Birthdays are a big deal, and the transition from spending most of that first year as a potato soley relying on adults for transportation and well, everything to the toddler that wonders around the house getting in to EVERYTHING and letting their opinion and displeasure be known about everything is extra special. We celebrated Finn turning two with all the things he loves, Dinosaurs, Cars, Food and Being outside. We were brand new to the area and hadn't quite found a place we loved yet so we did his birthday session in our new home as soon as the boxes had dwindled to a few we could hide under the table.

All the Faces

This boy lives and breathes dinosaurs, if it looks like a dinosaur he's roaring like a t-rex. If it has Jurassic World on it he's all about it so it was only fitting that he got to wear his favorites while he built towers and later explored his new backyard. Most two year olds express themselves with other means, but this kid really has the most expressive face. We captured all the silliness and sass pouring out of this Tiny Human just by letting him be in his element and with his things; He may just be the most expressive little human I've ever met, poor kid will never have a thought you can't read all over his face.

Working with The Birthday Boy

When working with Littles we play by their rules. For family sessions they're usually cuddled up with Mama, Daddy or siblings and don't even notice me except for those few times I call their names so you get a sweet shot of their face. When babes are flying solo there is a lot more movement on my part and waiting for the right moment to get the shot without interrupting their flow of play and creativity. Whenever possible I let Littles stay in the spot they’re happiest and I will do the moving, changing my angle, getting closer for those tight shots and getting a good variety without rearranging a happy Tiny Human.

We take lots of breaks for loves and snacks as needed and switch things up as Littles allow or need. I always recommend an easy to eat quick snack on hand for after the session or to break out if things start to go sideways; as long as there's no red gatorade or blue suckers to stain faces, you won't hear any complaints from me! And if you end up breaking out a picnic mid-session, it just means more memories captured for you!

A Breakout Year

Lots of growing and exploring happens between one and two suddenly your baby who relied on you for everything wants to move about, climb everything and give you daily heart attacks as they test the limits of their body and the world around them. But you also get to watch that little personality emerge, see them find a little more of themselves each day and help them through every big feeling, new word and belly giggles as they find their new favorite things.