I’m a Photographer, a Rainbow Mama + a Wife


Hey Mama! I’m Brittney, I’m a Motherhood Photographer with a lifestyle approach to capturing your family's story, Wife to my High School Sweetheart and a Homeschool Mama raising two little Rainbows - We love exploring Northeast Ohio and taking in all the picturesque views offered year round! Our love for adventure has helped me find all the best places to chase a tiny human down a trail and where to explore based on your vision for art in your home!

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laugh, play + capture real life love in images that live outloud

It takes trust to let someone new into your home, and allow them to hang out with your family. I'm able to provide those images you want to live on in your home because we dig deep so I can really get to know you, your family and catch that vision for the art you want in your home. This is a journey and we're on it together- we'll choose the perfect location, plan outfits, prepare for each family members quirk and bring along a few tricks tailored to your littles.

Work with Me

photographs are the closest we've come to freezing time

my mission is tell your story in an authentic way

photographs are the closest we've come to freezing time

As a Rainbow Mama who battled infertility the Milestones and Memories of Motherhood hold a special place in my heart.

So whether it's that tiny babe growing in your belly you're anxiously waiting to meet, the sweet smelling babe who has stolen your heart (and all your sleep), or the Wildlings growing and changing every day, expect to laugh, play and snuggle your way to your favorite images you'll want to hang in your home for years to come.

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just let them be little and i promise to capture the moment.

There's a 10/10 chance I'll show up in chicken rain boots or mismatched socks- I know I look silly but it gives your littles a giggle, and usually strikes up a conversation so it's a great ice breaker! and if that doesn't work, the purple hair usually does the trick!

You and I have spent tons of time chatting and getting to know each other before you're in front of my camera, but your tiny humans? Well they’re just meeting me and I know all their favorite shows, snacks and things they like to do. So either they think I’m magic, or they’re a little confused. The first part of our session will be spent making sure your children are comfortable letting me near your space and hearing suggestions from me.

I find when our littles are comfortable it's way easier for us Mamas to relax and enjoy the moment stress free! So even if you're raising a Wildling who takes a minute to come out of their shell that historically 'doesn't do well with strangers' or a social butterfly who hasn’t met a stranger or a boundary they don’t want to test, I totally get it! I’m raising one of each! I’ve got loads of patience and lots of tricks- chances are by the end of the session, we'll be fast friends and they'll be asking for more games (and probably begging for the post-session snacks you’ve got hidden in the car).

As long as you promise to roll with the silly faces and random noises, and maybe wait to laugh at me until my camera is up we'll have the very best time!

Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor Helps a Pregnant Mama with Belly Sifting
Fun Facts about your Photographer

I am a huge birth and baby nerd! And actually a trained childbirth educator, birth doula and lactation counselor that was on the IBCLC track when the world shut down/my youngest was born. Although I am not practicing, I love to help support Mamas in every stage of Motherhood, whether they're waiting on littles, in the early years of losing sleep to them or just trying to keep up with them as they grow and change.

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